Gas Furnished By Owner

July 3, 2021

At Canter Power, our goal is to provide you with the best customer experience, from start to finish.  To achieve this, your Canter Customer Experience Coordinator (CEC) works with you to take care of the planning, local permitting, site preparation, installation, utility coordination and warranty activation. 

While we typically coordinate all aspects of the project so that we can ensure a seamless customer experience, in some cases, you may be responsible for coordinating the gas connection to the generator. This is referred to as Gas Furnished By Owner (GBO).

Gas By Owner generally happens when your gas provider will not allow anyone but the homeowner to initiate work. This is especially likely when either a propane supplier or new gas service is involved. In some cases, the customer simply prefers to coordinate that work directly.

In either scenario, this is determined early on in conversations with your sales representative, so the details can be included in your contract. If yours is a Gas by Owner installation, this guide will help you navigate the process of furnishing your own gas connection and avoid any potential project delays.

STEP 1: Secure a Gas Contractor and Initiate the Work

If your generator requires new gas service and gas connections, we recommend that you initiate that service as soon as possible. In our experience, the timeline for completing this work varies widely depending on your location and service provider.  The following guidelines will help you avoid any delays in getting your generator installed and operating

New Propane Service:
Contact local propane suppliers for estimates on installing a tank and running the connection to the generator. Choose the supplier that best meets your needs and be sure to confirm up front that the propane supplier can also complete the connection to the generator. Ensure that your tank type and location comply with any HOA restrictions or local ordinances. 

At minimum, you will need either a 250-gallon tank, or multiple tanks with a total minimum capacity of 350 gallons. However, we  strongly recommend at least a 500-gallon tank to maintain enough fuel for a multi-day power outage. 

Existing Propane Service:
Connecting your existing propane service requires a gas contractor. If you lease your tank, contact your propane supplier first, as they usually restrict who can do work on their tanks. If you own your tank, then you can select your preferred gas contractor and agree upon a price to complete the work.

New Natural Gas Service:
Contact your local natural gas provider as soon as possible to request new service to your home. Verify whether or not the gas provider can also run the line and connect it to the generator, If not,  you will also need to identify a gas contractor to perform that work.

Existing Natural Gas Service:
Contact your preferred gas contractor and agree upon a price and timetable to connect your new generator to your natural gas supply.

STEP 2: Inform your Customer
Experience Coordinator

As soon as you have contracted the propane or natural gas work, please get in touch with your Canter Customer Experience Coordinator, so that we can ensure that the gas work happens in the correct sequence with the rest of the project. 

Our desire is to coordinate as much of the process as we can, in order to ensure the timely installation of your generator. As the homeowner, you may still need to be present for gas installations and inspections. Your CEC and gas contractor can advise you further.

STEP 3: Pay your Gas Contractor
Directly upon Completion

Once the gas installation is complete and inspections have passed, you will pay your gas contractor directly for the new service and/or gas connection to the generator. 

STEP 3: Connect and Inspect.

Your installation contractor will complete the electrical connections, test your generator, and the final electrical inspection will take place. 

Once electric power is restored, you are ready to enjoy your new “outage-free” life!

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