Choosing the Right Generator

Your Most Important Decision: Generator selection Canter Power understands that customers who make their first appointment with a Canter Power Generator Specialist expert will expect expert guidance through a complicated process.  During that first appointment, your specialist will focus on how important choosing the right generator is for the safety and security of your home.…

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Planning your project

After Choosing the Right Generator, it is time to start planning your project. This step is one of the most important steps outlined in our Free Buyer's Guide, because project planning is key to a smooth installation. Project planning and local permitting Once your Generator Specialist has determined the correct generator size for your home,…

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Choosing and Preparing a Location

After Planning your project, you are ready to choose and prepare the location for the installation. If you haven't already done so, make sure to checkout our Buyer's Guide for extensive detail on having a generator installed. Before your generator arrives Another important step in completing installation is preparation for the delivery of your new…

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Coordinating Gas and Electric Utilities

After Choosing and Preparing a Location, you need to coordinate gas and electric utilities for your new generator installation. Utility connections: gas choices, connections, and electrical installation In Step 4, we’ll share some specifics to help you better understand why utility connections are such an important part of the installation of your new standby generator. …

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