Understanding Electrical Power Drops

Installing a backup generator is more complex than having an appliance delivered to your home because it is connected directly to your home’s electrical system.  In order to safely connect your generator, there will be a temporary loss of power to your home.  What type of power disconnect will be required? Sometimes this is a…

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Gas Furnished By Owner

At Canter Power, our goal is to provide you with the best customer experience, from start to finish.  To achieve this, your Canter Customer Experience Coordinator (CEC) works with you to take care of the planning, local permitting, site preparation, installation, utility coordination and warranty activation.  While we typically coordinate all aspects of the project…

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Generac to Meet National Generator Demand With South Carolina Plant

The national demand for home backup generators continues to surge and has created a demand far exceeding our nation's inventory stock. Generac, in its recent Q1 earnings report, indicated that the inventory demand will be manageable by 2022 with the addition of a newly planned Generac manufacturing facility in Trenton SC.  So many homeowners are…

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Choosing the Right Generator

Your Most Important Decision: Generator selection Canter Power understands that customers who make their first appointment with a Canter Power Generator Specialist expert will expect expert guidance through a complicated process.  During that first appointment, your specialist will focus on how important choosing the right generator is for the safety and security of your home.…

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