Working from Home

Amid a chaotic year, many Americans were forced to move their entire lives into their homes. While this move undoubtedly has benefits: more quality time with family, time to finish household projects, etc., it also offers a new set of challenges, most notably, working and schooling from home. 

According to Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom, at least 42% of the American workforce now operates from home due to the pandemic. While the trend of remote work has steadily increased over recent years, this sudden leap has created a workplace shift that Bloom believes will last well beyond the pandemic. In addition to the workplace shift, schools and classrooms have made enormous shifts as well. According to a Burbio study, over 60% of American students now participate in some form of virtual learning.

With more Americans turning their guest rooms into offices and closets into classrooms, the already aging power grid is under more strain than ever. In 2019, power outages were typically inconvenient and sometimes costly, but generally not much more than an inconvenience.  But in 2020, we learned that loss of power can disrupt our entire lives. Imagine you're working on an important project with a rapidly approaching deadline while your high school senior is in the middle of presenting a senior thesis. Suddenly, your entire home goes dark. There is no Wi-Fi, no way to charge your dying cellphone, and the power company cannot give you a timeline of when power should be restored. 

2020 presented an unprecedented number of these stressful scenarios, often leaving us feeling helpless and vulnerable. There is, however, one way to gain certainty and security during these difficult times -with the installation of an automatic standby generator. Within seconds of a power outage, a standby generator restores power to your home and keeps everything – appliances, Wi-Fi, lights, etc., -  running until the outage is over. Unlike a portable generator, a standby generator automatically powers your entire home so that you and your family can seamlessly continue with daily life. 

Choosing the right generator

We know that purchasing a standby generator is a decision that our customers research and consider for months and sometimes years. There are often price concerns, anxiety surrounding the installation, questions about future maintenance, and many more potential hurdles. That is why we created the Canter Experience to guide you on your generator journey. 

When you decide you are ready to begin the process, schedule a free virtual or in-home estimate with one of our Generator Specialists by visiting our website, entering your contact information, and answering a few simple questions. 

If a virtual estimate is more convenient for you and your family, we will be happy to mail you an information packet to prepare you for your appointment. In the packet, you will find a booklet that details how our systems work, our exclusive warranty and Inconvenience Guarantees. You’ll quickly discover why Canter Power Systems the #1 residential generator installer in the nation since 2016. You will also receive four flags to mark the spot where you would like to place your generator. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible by offering both virtual and in-person estimates.

During your estimate, virtual or in-home, your Generator Specialist will review all materials, answer your questions, discuss what you would like connected to the generator, and recommend a correctly-sized  system for your home. They will also help you choose your generator's optimal location to insure every safety measure is met and then outline the installation process. While you're discussing all of these options, your Specialist will also discuss our current promotions and financing programs. Then, they'll provide you with a comprehensive estimate. 

Once you decide to begin installation, you will be assigned a Customer Experience Coordinator to help you through every step of the process. Your coordinator will schedule your gas and electrical connections, take care of the permitting process, and schedule all necessary inspections for you. Your coordinator will communicate all appointment dates and times while answering any questions that may arise.   

Once your installation is complete, your generator will be tested and certified by a Generac-certified technician to make sure your generator is ready for the next unpredictable power outage. Until the next outage occurs, your generator will automatically run weekly self-tests so you can have peace of mind that when the power goes out, your household does not miss a beat. 

It is time to reclaim your power over unpredictable outages and ensure that your home remains your sanctuary. Take the first step today by scheduling an appointment with one of our Generator Specialists. Still, have questions? Give us a call at (888) 372-3278 or send an email to

Canter looks forward to assisting you ensure your family’s safety and security with a standby generator. 


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