Hurricane Season

Preparing for the 2021 Hurricane Season

On Wednesday, May 12, in the middle of 2021 National Hurricane Preparedness  Week,  the Environmental Protection Agency released its first comprehensively updated data on climate change in four years, adding twelve new climate change indicators and several years of data. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will make its predictions later in May, but communities who are…

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Changing Weather Dynamics

Not too long ago, where you lived reliably dictated when and what type of weather conditions you should be aware of and prepared for.  If you lived in the Midwest, from late spring into the early summer months, you could expect severe thunderstorms to roll in from the west, bringing lightning, rain, and too often,…

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Working from Home

Amid a chaotic year, many Americans were forced to move their entire lives into their homes. While this move undoubtedly has benefits: more quality time with family, time to finish household projects, etc., it also offers a new set of challenges, most notably, working and schooling from home.  According to Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom, at…

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Make Your Life Easier; Become an Installation Partner With Canter Power Systems

Imagine dedicating your time to your area of expertise - installation projects.   No marketing, sales pitching or completing upfront purchases.  All you have to do is the installation.  As simple as that may sound, it is not the norm. For most installers, generating and maintaining business is part of their annual budget. By eliminating the…

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