Make Your Life Easier; Become an Installation Partner With Canter Power Systems

Imagine dedicating your time to your area of expertise - installation projects.  

No marketing, sales pitching or completing upfront purchases.  All you have to do is the installation.  As simple as that may sound, it is not the norm. For most installers, generating and maintaining business is part of their annual budget. By eliminating the marketing and retention side of the business, profit margins can grow, and an installer can focus more on the thing that he or she does best. Canter Power Systems, the nation’s largest backup residential generator installer, allows you to do just that.

Canter’s certified sub-contractor program assists qualified installers as part of a partnership with the company. We provide all supporting work for your installation projects..

Becoming an installation partner with Canter is a simple process: 

  • Canter works with two contractors in a particular area.  To become one of the selected two, the company will send an already completed project for a candidate to bid on.  
  • Canter will study the bid and provide feedback about its competitiveness.  
  • If the contractor wants to move forward, Canter complete a quick background check before adding the firm to the roster.

The partnership does not end there.  Becoming a certified sub-contractor with Canter has many advantages:  

Typically, installers incur a number of expenses generating business.  First, marketing the product requires a lot of heavy lifting.  It involves materials, training, education, and a plan. Canter covers all of your marketing. 

Generating sales leads requires hours of effort, knocking on doors, and talking to potential customers. For a product with a price tag between $8000 and $15000, the rate of conversion to actual contract is low. Canter manages the sales leads for you. 

Installers often have to maintain an inventory, which requires them to invest in purchasing.  Canter handles all inventory purchases for you. 

The work does not stop after the product has been sold.  Prepping for an installation requires on-site inspections and permitting.  Installers also have to manage billing, and follow-up with clients on unpaid balances and aftercare maintenance. Canter takes care of the entire process for you. 

All of the above creates volumes of paperwork, which requires time, staff, and money.  We have got this covered. 

In short, Canter does all of it for you. Here is how:

Canter partners with major retailers, wholesalers, and utilities across our service territory in the Southwest United States.  Millions of customers come to Canter through these channels.  

Customers are directed to Canter’s call centers where well-trained sales associates go over all of the details.  Marketing and sales info is provided.  Sales associates answer all questions and provide an estimate.  Once a customer accepts an offer, Canter then reaches out to the two installation partners (IPs) assigned to that area.

In addition to taking ownership of all of the upfront marketing and sales efforts, Canter also makes it easier for the installer to prepare a competitive bid. IPs prepare an estimate on a specific project without having to visit the site.  They rely on information provided by Canter about the project, combined with standard pricing and markups, to prepare a bid. As a sub-contractors without marketing and sales costs, your bids will always be competitive. The bid with the greatest value is typically awarded the project. After installing the generator, the sub-contractor sends final paperwork and on-site photos in an email to Canter, and payment is made within five days.  

It’s as simple as that.  Canter also takes care of maintenance for the life of the generator, so once an install is complete, IPs can look forward to the next project.

Canter’s sub-contractor program allows installers to become an IP without any costs.  There are no franchising fees or requirements to pay for leads.  All an IP has to do is perform the work.

Sub-contractors who have entered the program value the benefits.  Only one IP out of 250 has ever dropped out.

Testimonials say it best:  

Will Stephenson of Stephenson Electric says Canter Power has a “wonderful setup.” By eliminating his need to take on all upfront marketing, sales and inventory costs, his Canter partnership has allowed his business to grow by 35 percent.  In fact, his company has grown so much, he had to create an entire department dedicated just to the work he gets from Canter.

Bob Garrett of Bob Garrett Electrical says his company can produce a competitive bid in “just a few minutes” because the Canter IP program allows him to avoid time and costs for things like travel and site measurements. Responding to a job that is “already sold” allows him to focus on bidding for and completing an install.  Most importantly, by avoiding upfront costs, “profits are up.”

Patrick Altier of Caribbean Electric says working with Canter has made his company a better company. He likes the partnership because it allows him to “diversify his business.” If an existing marketing program in his shop is not generating a lot of leads, Canter provides him with a “safety net” that is always “feeding the pipeline” of his business.  According to Altier, within the first of year of working with Canter, Caribbean Electric increased its gross margins by over $1 million.

Let Canter put its experienced team to work for you. To find out how you can become a Canter Power Systems Installation Partner, contact Tonya Grey at (336) 402-1681.  We look forward to helping you grow your business to its fullest potential.

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