Winter Weather, Power Outages, and Generac Generators in North Carolina

January 3, 2024

Residents of North Carolina know winters in the Tar Heel State can be challenging. Even the southern portion of the state can experience frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and extreme winds. These undesirable weather conditions can cause power outages that can leave residents without heat, communication capabilities, and other necessities.

When you’re looking for winter storm power solutions in NC, Generac whole-home generators are the answer. Generators provide power for the entire home when outages occur, keeping your family safe and comfortable. Canter Power Systems is the premier Generac dealer in North Carolina. We make purchasing your generator easy, so you can have it installed and be prepared when winter winds, ice, snow, or frigid temperatures hit.

Winter Storms Knocking Out Power

North Carolina residents are no strangers to winter storms. In 2018, the state experienced a harsh winter storm, blanketing the streets in snow and ice. Temperatures fell below zero in many areas, and not all Carolinians were prepared.

Most of North Carolina’s most dangerous winter weather systems are caused by nor’easters. These low-pressure systems along the coast can produce snow, ice, and subsequent frigid temperatures. In January 2000, central North Carolina saw more than a foot of snow due to a strong nor’easter.

Winter storms in North Carolina can be especially dangerous. Residents and authorities may not be as prepared as those in states where harsh winters are common. Roads can be extremely dangerous for driving, and some homes don’t have safe heating options for frigid temperatures. Snow, ice, and winter winds may also result in dangerous power outages that put residents at risk of extreme cold.  

Ice, Wind, and Your Home’s Power

Whipping winds and ice buildup can lead to lengthy power outages and discomfort or danger. Freezing rain is a common winter element in many parts of North Carolina. It can cause downed power lines that take hours or days to repair. In February 2015, freezing rain blasted Eastern North Carolina’s inland towns and cities. The storm created up to one-quarter inch of ice, coating power lines and causing widespread power outages.

Power Solutions in North Carolina

Maintaining power through cold snaps, ice storms, and blizzards allows your heating system to continue running, protecting your family from extreme cold. It can also keep your home’s communication lines open, so you can check on your loved ones.

A Generac whole-home generator offers a seamless transition to generator use when your home’s traditional power system fails. You can use lights, watch television, cook, do laundry, and even work on the computer. A generator also keeps you from using alternate heating options in your home, which can be a source of carbon monoxide poisoning and other dangers.

Backup home generators from Generac offer the peace of mind that you’ll be able to remain safe, comfortable, and even productive when power fails. Contact us for a free estimate on the purchase and installation of your Generac generator in North Carolina. Canter Power Systems is determined to help you and your family stay safe from the dangers of power outages this winter.

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