Severe Weather Resilience: Generac Generators In South Carolina

January 3, 2024

South Carolina is known for hot summers and mild winters. However, residents of the Palmetto State know it gets its fair share of severe weather, too. From late summer hurricanes to tornadoes and ground-shaking thunderstorms, many dangerous weather systems cause power outages throughout the state every year.

Power outages can leave individuals, families, and businesses without comforts — including air conditioning and Wi-Fi — and essentials, such as refrigeration and electronic medical devices. For some individuals, power outages can be life-threatening. Canter Power Systems is the No. 1 place to buy a top-quality Generac generator in South Carolina.

Severe Weather Common to South Carolina

Although South Carolina doesn’t see a lot of snow, the state deals with other forms of severe weather and natural disasters. Severe weather can cause power outages that last a few hours, a few days, or even weeks. The following are several types of severe weather that are common in South Carolina.

  • Hurricanes: Over the years, numerous catastrophic hurricanes have hit South Carolina. They’ve leveled coastal towns, leaving residents without power for weeks. Hurricanes bring heavy winds and abundant rain, which can cause flooding and other damage.
  • Tornadoes: Tornadoes are significant hazards that can destroy entire homes and businesses. They can also take out utility lines, leaving residents without power and other services.
  • Severe Thunderstorms: Severe thunderstorms can pop up without notice and cause significant damage to communities. They may also be accompanied by flash flooding, tornadoes, and extreme winds that can take down power lines.
  • Lightning: Lightning can strike anywhere in South Carolina. Like thunderstorms, lightning strikes can happen at any time, causing lightning fires and striking power lines.
  • Flooding: Flash floods can be dangerous and deadly in South Carolina. Extreme rain can cause trees to fall on cable, telephone and power lines, causing outages. Downed trees and other debris may also prevent electricians from accessing the location and making repairs.
  • Occasional Snow and Ice Storms: Snowstorms are relatively uncommon in South Carolina. However, that means the state has far fewer resources for handling snow and ice than more northern states. This can lead to dangerous road conditions and ice coating trees, walkways, and power lines. The weight of the ice can damage powerlines, and icy roads may prevent quick repair.

Building Resilience With a Backup Generac Generator

A quality backup generator provides power outage protection in SC, helping you stay safe and comfortable no matter what the weather is doing outside. Generac generators are known as the best in the business. They turn on automatically when your traditional power source goes off and can back up an entire home’s power system. There’s no need to refuel your Generac generator or run a cord through the window because it seamlessly connects with your home’s electrical panel.

Severe storms are no match for a Generac generator. You, your family, or your business will enjoy reliable electricity that can power all your devices, HVAC unit, refrigerator, Wi-Fi router, and more.

Canter Power Systems Delivers on Generac Installation

Canter Power Systems is a one-stop shop for all your generator needs. As the premier Generac dealer in South Carolina, we’re eager to help you find the right unit and install it for consistent, reliable power as soon as you need it. Contact us by phone or online for a free estimate on your Generac generator installation.

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