Storm Preparedness

Get Your Generator Before Winter Storms Hit

December 15, 2016

Winter weather is quickly approaching; one day it’s mild temperatures and sunny and the next it’s ice covered roads and power outages. Don’t get caught in the cold this winter, get your power generator before storms hit.

Surviving a blizzard or winter storm without power requires a lot prep work. Making sure you have enough wood for a fireplace, stocking up on water and nonperishable foods, keeping a full supply of batteries for flashlights and candles or oil lamps for lighting are just a few of the things you need to remember. However, with a residential generator installed in your home you’ll always have back-up power in the event of a winter emergency.

With a standby generator, you won’t be without critical appliances during a power outage – generators power your refrigerator so perishable foods and critical medications don’t go bad. They also allow you to stay at home during a blackout which is a priority when roads are covered with black ice.

A power generator will give you peace of mind during treacherous winter weather, however there are other external factors that could affect you, with or without a generator. To make sure you are prepared for whatever may come your way this season, read our 6 Tips to Prepare for Winter Weather post.

Canter Power Systems is the #1 residential standby generator installer in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, and Virginia. Our dedicated professionals are ready and equipped to present you with solutions to fit your specific needs and provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed and wise decision. Contact us today to request service or receive a free estimate on a standby generator system for your home.

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