Storm Preparedness


November 29, 2021

If you live in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma or Texas, you don’t have to think too far back to remember what it’s like to lose power for days when severe weather hits unexpectedly. 

But If you want to avoid power outages this winter,  the solution is as close as your local Home Depot – a Generac whole house automatic backup power generator installed by Canter Power Systems, the largest residential residential generator installer in the U.S., and The Home Depot’s trusted Generac service provider across the 11 state region.

Millions of people in the nation’s southern and central states endured extended power outages and frozen pipes during last February’s ice storms, snow, and below-freezing temperatures. After that difficult experience, energy independence became a priority for many, and they looked to their local Home Depot for a reliable long-term solution. 

In their “Built from Scratch” series, Home Depot explains why Canter Power is their largest Generac installation partner, and what that means for customers, especially during high-demand peaks and disaster seasons.

  • Inventory – Canter Power Systems forecasts inventory needs from historical demand due to major weather events and is always ready for disasters. Canter always maintains a two month in-stock inventory of Generac Automatic Whole Home Backup Power Generators – so they never run out.
  • Capacity –  Canter Power Systems can increase its capacity to respond to large call volumes during peaks and disasters and to quickly recruit factory-certified installation partners.
  • Customer Service – As a Generac “PowerPro” Dealer, Canter Power Systems meets Generac’s most stringent qualifications for installation and customer satisfaction. Each Canter Power client is matched with a personal Canter Customer Experience Coordinator (CEC) who actively helps them through each step.

How did Canter Power Systems adapt its “white glove” service and increase sales during the Covid-19 Pandemic?  Read more at the Home Depot Spotlight: Preparing for Disaster Season with Canter Power Systems

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