Generator Preparedness Tips: Keep your generator working.

September 28, 2022

Any time a serious weather event is approaching, there are several steps you can take to ensure your generator is in operational condition.

By following the steps below, you can have confidence that your generator will be ready to provide you with reliable power should you need it.

1. Make sure you lock your generator lid

Protect your generator from high winds. Keeping you lid locked will prevent your lid from blowing open or even completely off.

2. Check Your Generator’s Operating Condition 

Look at the light on the right side of your generator: 

🟢 – Green indicates your generator is ready to turn on automatically in the event of a power outage

🟡 – Yellow is a non-critical alert, and your generator will continue to operate normally. There is no need to contact Canter Power Systems at this time.

🔴 – Red means your Generator is OFF, or a fault is detected and needs to be RESET. 

How to RESET your generator:

  • Lift cover and reset the unit by pressing the following button sequence: 

Off – Enter – Enter – Auto

  • If the light turns solid green, your generator is ready! 
  • If the light does not turn green, record the error code on the screen and call Canter Power at 888-372-3278.

Occasionally, serious weather events can prevent our maintenance network from reaching your residence, so having these supplies on hand may be prudent.

Replacing Your Generator’s Battery

  1. To replace your battery, open the lid and remove the front panel.  
  2. Using a 5/32” Allen wrench, remove the three screws on the right-side panel of your generator.  
  3. There are two Allen screws on the top edge of the panel, and one at the bottom front.  
  4. Be careful; these screws can strip easily.  
  5. Use a manual driver (not power tool) to prevent risk of damage.  
  6. Lift the panel away from the unit.  Swap out battery and reconnect leads.

Adding Oil to Your Generator

Consider having the following on hand: (2) quarts of 5w-30 synthetic oil, and (1) 26R battery.  

Adding oil: check the dipstick.  If the level is below the hashmarks, slowly add oil, checking periodically to ensure you do not overfill!  Overfilling can damage your generator.

Find your generator enclosure key and lock the lid closed.

Keep both locks on your generator’s lid locked and prevent the lid and generator from being damaged by the high winds.

Other Special Considerations

If your generator is fueled by liquid propane (LP), ensure you have enough fuel to power your generator and other necessary appliances over the course of the expected outage event. 

Reach out to your propane provider if you need to be filled.

If you have special medical supplies, such as oxygen, ensure you have enough tanks to last you throughout the expected outage event

Be safe!

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