What is a Standby Generator?

January 23, 2017

Standby generator, backup generator, or backup power generator: No matter what you call it, a standby generator comes on when the grid goes down. Within seconds of a power outage, the standby generator automatically comes on and sends power to appliances and light sockets in the home. Depending on your budget or your needs, a standby generator can power a few necessary appliances or the whole home.

Nearly everything in our homes is dependent upon electricity and when it isn’t available, there is no comfort and joy. Some homes have wells upon which the residents rely for running water. That well depends on electricity in order to pump water into the house and, in turn, fill the tank on the toilet in order to flush. The farther out into the country you live, the higher the probability you have a well and a septic tank.

There are homes in which one or more of the residents is dependent on life-sustaining medical equipment. Homes that are occupied by the elderly, incapacitated residents, diabetics, or families with small children know that a power outage can mean much more than an inconvenience – it can be life threatening.

The truth is every home that experiences power outages needs a standby generator. When the power goes out, even with the smallest available standby generator, you still have the benefit of heat, operating a well pump and sump pump, microwaving meals, keeping food cold or frozen, and two lighting circuits by which keep the lights on.

What makes a standby generator so great? It’s already installed, sitting there waiting for a power outage. With gas- or diesel-powered generators, there’s a lot of setup after the power goes out and you’ll need to store extra fuel in case the power is out for days rather than hours. In case you didn’t already know it, gasoline doesn’t store for more than 6 to 8 months, depending on whether it is treated and kept in proper containers. Meanwhile, it’s taking up valuable space in the garage or backyard shed and posing a fire hazard.

The best choice is a standby generator. Choose it for its simplicity, its benefits, and its advantages.

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