Tips to Keep Your Generator Operating at Peak Efficiency

July 28, 2016

Like a car, your generator requires regular maintenance to keep it operating at peak efficiency. The air filter, oil filter, and spark plugs need to be replaced. Regularly maintaining your generator according to the owner’s manual for your model means it will supply the necessary power to your residence in an emergency. Here are a few general tips to keep your generator running in top shape.

Service most air-cooled units every 12 months.

There is an hour meter on the generator controller that you can check to see how many hours your generator has been used. Contact Canter Power Systems to schedule service.

Keep the unit clean

Keep the unit free of leaves, grass clippings, sticks, and other debris both inside and out. Be sure the air intake and exhaust louvers are kept clear as well.

Look for rust or corrosion

Look for rust or corrosion on all major components at regular intervals. Constant exposure in the outdoors increases this risk, particularly in high moisture climates and coastal regions with salty air. Your generator should have been installed away from downspouts and sprinklers.

Clean and tighten battery cables and terminals

Be sure to check the battery voltage or for any leakage from the battery. A new battery can be obtained at any auto parts store or by contacting Canter Power Systems.

Check the oil level in the engine

If you need to top off the oil, refer to your owner’s manual for the correct oil for your model. Keep a spare bottle or two of the correct oil on hand, in case you aren’t able to obtain it for several weeks at a time. Your generator is programmed to shut down automatically to protect the engine if there is not enough oil in the system.

These are a few of the maintenance requirements that you can perform. For questions, assistance, or for full service, be sure to contact Canter Power Systems.

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