Reasons Why Having a Power Generator is Important

April 29, 2016

Think a power generator is just for wintertime? Think again!

Spring and summer in the Southeast bring bad weather, too: Hurricane force winds, tornadoes, straight-line winds (aka “derecho”), severe thunderstorms, heat waves, and flooding often result in power outages in a number of areas. While your home may not be damaged, it can be affected by downed power lines between your residence and a substation or transformer.

If you or a loved one are dependent on life-sustaining equipment that requires electricity, you simply cannot be without power. This is especially true when evacuating to a temporary shelter is out of the question. That’s why having an emergency power generator is so important.

Within minutes of your electric going off, a backup power generator will spring into action, powering your entire home or just the necessary equipment and appliances that you’ve selected to operate in an emergency situation.

Canter Power Systems has an array of brands and types of power generators from which to choose. Don’t worry – we’ll help you in the decision-making. Based on your budget and your requirements, we’ll help you make a well-informed choice and guide you through the process. From selecting the proper generator, to installation, through maintenance and preventive care, Canter Power Systems stands behind the products we offer.

Don’t get caught in the dark. Contact Canter Power Systems today for complete information.

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