Canter Power Systems: Buyer’s Guide

If you live in the Southeastern United States, or just about any place in the country that has weather, you have probably experienced a power outage.  As a homeowner, you need the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a reliable back up source of power to keep essential functions running when that happens.

Acquiring a backup generator for your home is not a simple decision.  The choices can be daunting.  This user’s guide is designed to help simplify that process.

For example, there are many different kinds of generators to choose from.  A shopper can get confused by the different terminology.  The primary distinction for you to consider will be between a portable and a backup generator.

Portable generators are typically smaller, are generally deployed on a temporary basis and usually run on gasoline.

For the homeowner seeking a reliable and dependable source of power in the case of an emergency, a permanent, backup generator is the better choice.  Backup generators are much larger, are always deployed on a permanent basis, and run on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel.  This last point is vital.  As a homeowner, you won’t want the toxic fumes of a gas-powered portable generator emitting next to your home.

Of course, buyers will also want to consider the manufacturer of the product they are purchasing.   There are many manufacturers of generators, but the leading manufacturer in the U.S. is Generac.

You will also want to consider the size and price of the generator you are about to purchase.  Prices generally start at around $2,000 and can go as high as $16000.  What size generator you purchase will depend on how much power you need, the size of your home, and whether you want to provide backup power for certain appliances or the entire home.

Even these basic considerations can be a challenge for the uninitiated homeowner.  That’s where a professional comes in.

Canter Power Systems has been the nation’s top generator installer since 2016.  It is the installer of standby generator systems for The Home Depot with a service area that covers much of the South and into the Southwest, including the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama and Texas. 

Canter distinguishes itself from other installers by its unique service model, which encompasses the entire process, starting with the first stages of planning, then installation, followed by service and maintenance for the life of your generator.

The service and attention to detail provided by Canter will put your mind at ease.

Canter provides free in-home estimates.  Every customer is assigned a Canter Experience Coordinator (CEC).  A customer’s CEC becomes responsible for every step of the process.

A Canter CEC coordinates all of the installation activities including HOA permissions, site surveys, permits, variances, site preparation, scheduling the equipment delivery, electrical and gas installation, utility connections and finally the equipment activation (turn on) and the customer/homeowner training.

In the planning stage, a Canter professional will visit your home, help you assess your wants and address such needs as specifications, materials, financing, service options, warranties and pricing.

Additionally, Canter will help you decide on the right generator and the right size of generator for your home, depending on your particular wants and needs.

Canter will also help you with the proper planning for the installation of your new generator and its interaction with your existing power supply.

Local code systems can vary widely and can be a challenge for the homeowner to understand.   Canter’s trained professionals are familiar with the requirements of all local and national codes.  They will make sure the generator is properly sized, installed, connected and tested based on the requirements for the customer’s area.   

Once these details have been addressed, a team of Canter professionals will install the product. They will prepare the site for your new backup generator, deliver the product, set it up, make the needed electrical and gas connections, test and certify it.  They will also coordinate with your local utility and activate your warranty.  

Canter installers are also the best in their field.  They are certified generator specialists, who have earned the highest honors and accolades in the profession.  They have received extensive hands-on training and are certified by all the manufacturers that the company sells and installs.  

Canter professionals also do not disappear after the generator has been installed.  All Canter installed products come with a ten-year warranty.  Canter Power Systems provides 24-hour emergency service. An “after care” team will be in touch with you throughout the life of the generator, to answer your questions, and to provide service and maintenance.  

Recognizing that even the best preparations don’t always deliver, Canter is the only company in the industry to offer an Exclusive Inconvenience Guarantee. This Guarantee provides accommodations for customers throughout the life of their generator system, if for any reason they experience a power outage and their generator does not operate properly. 

Canter’s unique approach of service and attention to every detail in the process of acquiring, installing and relying upon a backup home generator, sets it apart from other installers and has earned it a reputation for top-notch customer satisfaction.

Testimonials tell it best.  Over 400 Google Reviewers give Canter Power Systems a 4.6 out of 5 rating, with comments like “friendly”, “quick” and “Canter stayed on top of each step of the process.”

To find out more about how Canter Power Systems can help you with your backup generator purchase and installation, call 800-876-2422 for a free estimate today.

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