Why You Should Buy A Standby Generator

October 28, 2016

We can think of at least 5 good reasons why you should buy a standby generator.

  1. A standby generator powers critical appliances during a power outage. You can also purchase a generator with enough wattage to power luxury appliances too – like a washer and dryer and a whirlpool bathtub – but let’s talk about what’s critical. Two lighting circuits, a refrigerator, sump pump, well pump, the furnace fan, microwave oven, and a radio can be operated with a single 7 watt standby generator: Things that you absolutely, positively need during a blackout to prepare meals, keep perishable foods and medicines cold, the basement or crawl space dry, water flowing into the house, and the house warm (if the blackout occurs in winter months).
  2. A standby generator keeps the refrigerator running so your perishable food and medicines don’t spoil as well as powers much needed medical equipment. Diabetics, for example, are well aware of the necessity of keeping insulin refrigerated or cool or otherwise having to dispose of them due to ineffectiveness. Anyone that requires electrically operated breathing apparatus, ventilating machines, or dialysis equipment are well aware of the necessity of backup power.
  3. A standby generator powers the sump pump and well pump during a blackout. The sump pump prevents your basement or crawlspace from flooding, a costly experience to be sure. That is one expense you will want to avoid and a standby generator will do just that. If you’re on a well and the power goes out, water no longer flows into your home unless you have a standby generator. One person requires up to 2 gallons of water per day for drinking and hygiene.
  4. A standby generator has an automatic transfer switch that removes your home from the electrical grid and switches the electrical system to generator only. While this may seem like a luxury item when compared to portable generators, consider that there are elderly and physically incapacitated individuals that can’t lug around and connect a portable generator at the onset of a blackout. If you are the family member responsible for setting up a portable generator in the event of a blackout, who else could do it if you are out of town? So the automatic transfer is as much insurance that your family has power as it is a “luxury.”
  5. A standby generator allows you to stay at home during a blackout. No more having to leave and crash with friends, neighbors, or family members that do have electricity nor paying to stay at a motel. The former is a strain on your relationships while the latter is a strain on your budget. Being at home during a blackout also discourages looting. When whole neighborhoods are vacated, the opportunity to break and enter and help oneself to others’ belongings arise. Stay home and make lots of noise.

While we’re at it, buying a standby generator and having it installed when the weather is not too cool, not too hot, and not rainy (like, right now) is the perfect time. Don’t wait until bad weather occurs – call today for free in-home estimate or contact us here.

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