Hurricane Ian Aftermath: The Power of Automatic Backup Generators

June 19, 2023

The Aftermath of Hurricane Ian: Power Outages and the Essential Role of Automatic Backup Generators


In the hushed early hours of a Sunday, Hurricane Ian began its destructive dance across Florida, leaving behind a trail of chaos as it whirled and twirled through towns and cities. When the storm finally abated, it was as though a massive pause button had been pressed. Florida was eerily silent and still. Over two million homes were without power, their occupants thrust into sudden darkness.

The Impact of Power Outages

In Sarasota, we meet Mrs. Henderson, a 70-year-old widow who had just restocked her refrigerator when Ian struck. The outage that followed caused all her food to spoil, leaving her with no choice but to rely on her dwindling pantry supplies.

Over in Orlando, the local hospital was grappling with its own problems. The storm had knocked out their power, and the backup generator was failing. Essential services were on the brink of disruption.

The Extent of the Crisis: A Look at the Numbers

According to, Hurricane Ian’s impact was not limited to Florida:

  • Maximum number of customers without power at one time: 2.78 million
  • Total customers affected: Over 4.45 million
  • Over 3.28 million customers affected in Florida
  • 579k affected in North Carolina
  • 378k affected in South Carolina
  • 211k affected in Virginia

The Solution: Automatic Backup Generators

Just as things seemed hopeless, a ray of light emerged. A number of houses in these neighborhoods remained with power – their lights a beacon in the blacked-out landscape. The common denominator? They all had automatic backup generators installed, ready to step in when the primary power sources faltered.

The Role of Generac Generators

Generac, the industry leader in residential backup generators, played a pivotal role in keeping these homes running smoothly. Reliable and easy to use, Generac generators automatically kick in when the power goes out, providing residents with a seamless transition that kept their lights on, their food cold, and their peace of mind intact.

Canter Power Systems: A Trusted Provider

In a world where power had become a premium commodity, Canter Power Systems emerged as the heroes of the hour. As a trusted provider of Generac Generators, they had helped countless Florida residents fortify their homes against power disruptions. Their vast experience and dedication to customer service made them the go-to resource for those wanting to prepare for future storms.


As Florida started picking up the pieces in the wake of Hurricane Ian, one thing was crystal clear – the importance of having an automatic backup generator. For those homes that had their power secured by Generac Generators and Canter Power Systems, Hurricane Ian was a storm weathered in comfort.

Today, Canter Power Systems stands ready to help more Florida residents ensure they’ll never be left in the dark. When the next storm comes dancing through our streets, those who choose Canter Power and Generac Generators will be the ones to keep the music playing

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