Top 4 Safety Tips For Winter Weather Power Outages

It’s the holiday season and with so much hustle and bustle the thought of a potential power outage is the last thing on our minds. But the reality is, winter weather brings with it the potential for lost power. While your home may be full of warm, twinkling lights today, you could be in the dark in an instant. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of our top four safety tips for winter weather power outages. A quick read before the holiday season kicks into full gear for whatever may come our way.

Get to know your electrical panel

It’s important to know where your electrical panel is located, and most importantly which switches provide power to which part of the house. If you haven’t already, clearly label each circuit breaker by writing the room it’s associated with on a piece of tape and placing it next to it. Make sure everyone in your home is aware of the panel’s location and can read each switch properly. You may need to reset circuit breakers or turn off the main breaker all together after an outage.

Learn about power generators

Learn more about power generators and how they can benefit your home during an outage. You should know How a System Generator Works to ensure everything is functioning correctly. You can read more on How to Choose the Right Emergency Generator for Your Home or talk to one of our trusted customer service professionals and receive a free quote.

Turn major appliances off

Although the power is out, it’s important to unplug major appliances such as water heaters, stoves, fridges, etc. to avoid a potential surge when power is restored. All of those appliances kicking up at once can overload the system and put you right back in the dark.

Leave a light on

Keep a hallway or kitchen light on for when power is restored. It will be a quick indication for you (especially with major appliances unplugged) that your power is back up and running.

We hope your holidays stay merry and bright. From all of us at Canter Power Systems we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

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