How Does a Generator System Work?

By now you’re probably well informed on why having a power generator is important but what you may be asking yourself is, “How does a generator system actually work?” It’s important to know the basis for what makes a power generator tick so you are aware of potential maintenance issues before it’s too late.

Your generator monitors the incoming voltage from the utility line. By doing this, the generator knows right away when your utility power is interrupted or cut completely. Your generator is able to detect the problem and go to work immediately, saving you from the high cost of losing power.

In order to ensure safety, the automatic transfer switch disconnects the utility line and simultaneously connects a new power line from the generator. Power is then restored to your entire home or those select few appliances within seconds. Once the utility power is restored, your generator automatically returns to standby mode, ready to protect you from the next power outage.

Canter Power Systems is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge you need to properly manage your generator system. Our team of experienced professionals are available to answer any questions you might have. Learn more about generator preventative care tips or contact a Canter Power Systems representative today.

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