Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Hurricanes aren't unpredictable, but they can appear too quickly to take life-saving measures for you and your family. Being prepared and having a clear plan of action is your best defense. The steps below will get you well on your way to getting through a natural disaster.

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Standby Generator Preventative Maintenance

If you have made an investment in a standby generator system for your home, you want to make sure it performs properly as long as possible. Just like your car needs periodic maintenance and inspection, so does your standby generator. For your generator to maintain maximum operational efficiency and reliability that it has been designed…
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6 Tips to Prepare for Winter Weather

Having a whole-home generator installed is a great way to prepare for winter weather - You won’t need to scramble for flash lights, heating your home won’t be an issue, and you won’t need to worry about the food in your refrigerator going bad. However, there are external factors that could affect you, with or…
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What is the Difference Between a Whole-House Generator and a Portable Generator?

There’s a pretty big difference between portable generators and whole-home generators so we’re outlining those for you. If you’re having difficulty deciding between the two, we hope this article will help you make the final decision. Portable generators are usually smaller in size and weight than whole home generators. They are often transported to construction…
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