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Weather the Storm with a Whole-House Generator

Whole House Generators RichmondJuly 2014, 20,000 Virginians lost power due to intense thunderstorms. In December of 2013, an ice storm left 42,000 without power. And in August of 2011, a hurricane caused massive power outages, leaving 60% of Richmond with no power. If you were affected by any, or all, of these storms, you certainly remember what it's like wondering when your power is going to come back on; calling the utility company every few hours to find out when you'll have power again, searching for candles and flashlights, hoping the food in your refrigerator will keep.

Next time bad weather hits, be prepared with a power generator system from Canter Power Systems. Our generators are installed by factory trained technicians and operate on the natural gas that's already running to your home. Whole house generators are built for convenience, they know when your power goes out and turn on automatically - they even know when power has been restored and will shut down. This means when ice, wind, or lightning takes out your neighborhood's power, you'll still be up-and-running. No more worrying about simply lighting your home, food spoiling, heating or cooling your home sans HVAC.

If you're ready for a free estimate on a whole house generator, contact us today. Our process begins by conducting a full evaluation on your home; we account for your home's existing electrical system and account for your emergency power needs to install the best system that will keep your comfortable when inclement weather strikes. Additionally, Canter is...

  • Home Depot's exclusive generator installer in the Southeast (NC, SC, VA, WV, GA, FL, TN, AL)
  • A Certified distributor of ALL major manufacturers of home generators
  • Available 24/7/365 for emergency services

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