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Whole House Generators Winston-SalemLife without a whole house generator: February 2014, Winston Salem, NC. Eight (mostly) adults and two children under the age of six were crammed into a three bedroom, two bath, 1600-square-foot home for nearly four days. Icy roads plus downed trees and power lines made main streets dangerous and many side streets impassable. Innumerable businesses were closed as the power was either off or employees couldn’t come in, so leaving home to “get away” was questionable. Four everlasting days of waiting for a turn in the bathroom and taking lukewarm showers; tolerating a few temper flare-ups (including your own) and your sister-in-law’s cooking; and enduring the children running amok and squabbling over toys.

Life WITH a whole house generator: Strong winds uproot trees that fall across power lines and block the streets, taking out electricity for several blocks as well as preventing escape. Outside, it’s pitch black for lack of a street light but in your house, it’s cozy and comfortable because you called Canter Power Systems and got a power generator installed. When the power goes out, the generator kicks on and goes to work providing you with the comfort you expect and the assurance you need. You’ll be having hot coffee and warm muffins for breakfast in the morning while the neighbors pack up and head to the nearest fast-food restaurant.

Weather any storm in Winston Salem with a whole house generator from Canter Power Systems. A power generator can be customized to power a few appliances and the furnace/air conditioning system or your entire house. You’ll have hot water, refrigeration, the ability to stay cool in the spring and summer or warm in the fall and winter.

Why Canter Power Systems? Canter has been Greensboro's choice for electrical services since 1948 to both residential and commercial customers as an electrical construction contractor as well as offering electrical repair and renovation services. Choosing Canter is the natural choice when you want dependable service, quality workmanship, and reliable products provided by experienced, reputable professionals.

Canter is...

  • Home Depot's exclusive generator installer in the Southeast (NC, SC, VA, WV, GA, FL, TN, AL)
  • Certified distributors of ALL major manufacturers of home generators
  • Available 24/7/365 for emergency services

Canter Power Systems will handle the entire process including a free in-home estimate; selecting the appropriate standby generator system for your home; coordinating the installation; performing the installation with electrical and gas connections, municipal permits and inspections, testing, start-up certification and on-going support. Canter can customize a system to fit your budget and your needs using such dependable brands as Briggs & Stratton, Centurion, Eaton, GE, Generac, Guardian, Honeywell, and Kohler generators.

Named the ‘#1 Retail Installer of the Year’ for entire U.S. by Generac as well as being the only Generac Premier Dealer in it’s North Carolina – South Carolina – Virginia – West Virginia – Florida – Tennessee and Alabama service area. You can’t get better than Canter Power Systems.

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