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Whole House Generators Raleigh
Raleigh whole house generators prevent you from being without power in the event of hurricane – force winds, tornadoes and downdrafts, freezing rain, and any other extreme weather that renders your home and neighborhood without electricity. Whole house generators provide the electricity you need so that life indoors continues as usual. Operate appliances such as the refrigerator, water heater, furnace or air conditioner and so much more if you choose so that you and your family stay safe indoors while the world outside is in turmoil. Whether it’s a two-hour nuisance or a week-long state of emergency, you can’t afford to be without a power generator. Depending upon the temperatures outside, perishable foods can perish in the heat or you could perish in the cold. Why wait until the inevitable occurs? Whether you’ve lived in Raleigh a few years or for a lifetime, you know that severe weather is imminent and loss of power is certain to follow. Get a power generator that will keep your whole house operating at its maximum or choose to run only certain appliances that will help keep you comfortable during an outage.

Canter Power Systems will provide you with an in-home estimate then help you select the appropriate standby generator system appropriate for your home and your budget. Canter will coordinate as well as perform the installation ensuring all electrical and gas connections, and handle municipal permits and inspections, testing, start-up certification and on-going support. Over 66 years in commercial and residential electrical construction, repair, and renovation, Canter has built a solid reputation for professionalism, reliability, quality services and unparalleled experience. That’s why Canter is the exclusive standby generator installer for The Home Depot in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia as well as being the only Generac Premier Dealer in the same 4-state service area. Contact Canter Power Systems now and avoid “roughing it” in the great indoors.

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