Generator Remote Monitoring

Canter Power Systems is proud to offer our valued customers Generator Remote Monitoring. Generator Remote Monitoring is simply this… electronically monitoring your generator system around the clock helping to ensure your home will always have power.

You’ve invested in a Residential Standby Generator to ensure your family has power during an outage and we want to do everything possible to help make sure that your home’s generator works EVERY TIME the power goes out! By monitoring your generator, we make sure that your system is performing as expected and in the even of a problem, we are able to quickly respond to get your generator back in proper operating condition. Some of the key benefits you receive from implementing this increased level of service are:


Improved Reliability – The definition of reliability in our business is simply this… the power goes out and the emergency power system works. Monitoring your system 24/7 tracks its current status, monitors the exercise cycles and provides instant alerts to problems.
Peace of Mind – Know with confidence your system is ready for the next power outage and will work when needed.
Fast, Proactive Service Response – By receiving alarm notifications via email and/or text, our platform will alert you and our service team to any issues allowing us to respond more quickly t your needs and to minimize down time.
User Portal – You can receive a user log in to monitor and track your equipment at any time, from anywhere. We will take care of all the monitoring and reporting for you, but you will also have complete access to monitor and track your equipment and data.
Decreased Cost of Ownership – Monitoring a generator actually helps decrease the overall cost of ownership. Small problems can be fixed before they become big problems, thereby reducing major repair costs. The most significant cost is if the generator does not work during a power outage.


Generator Remote Monitoring includes two basic components, the monitoring system connected to your generator and the web-based user interface.

Monitoring Equipment

We install an electronic monitoring system that connects directly to your generator to monitor the key activities and events that occur, including fault events that may keep your generator from operating during a power outage.

Some of the key feature of the equipment are:

A variety of solutions from basic to advanced monitoring
Ultra-secure and reliable cellular connectivity that transports the data to our platform
Lifetime warranty of the monitoring equipment with an active subscription

Our monitoring platform provides access to the status of your equipment as well as management of the alert notifications and reporting. Some of the other key features of our platform include:

We monitor your generator and manage the software
Web-based software with multi-level security access
Real-time status including mapping and tracking
Alerts and notifications sent via email and/or text


Your emergency power generator is as important to us as it is to you and we want to do everything we can to help make sure that your generator works when needed. The advancements in available technology allow us to provide very cost effective monitoring solutions that were formerly too expensive for most homeowners to consider. The added value, security and peace of mind that our generator monitoring provides is well worth the investment.



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