How Much Propane Does A Generac Generator Use?

April 12, 2024

A home backup generator offers peace of mind by ensuring that essential appliances and systems continue to function even during power outages. These electrical systems use fuel to supply power directly to the home’s electrical circuit breaker box as soon as a disruption occurs. Generac generators are renowned for their reliability and efficiency in providing uninterrupted power during emergencies.

There are several considerations when installing a whole-home generator, including what type of fuel is used and how much. Generac generators can be configured to run on natural gas or liquid propane at the time of installation. This flexibility makes them a popular option for homeowners seeking a reliable power backup solution.

Generac generators are designed to optimize fuel consumption. That being said, the question of “how much propane does a Generac generator use?” is a great one to ask. By understanding how much propane the unit utilizes, it helps when making informed decisions regarding energy needs and operational costs.

Generac Generator’s Average Propane Use

Generac generators are engineered to balance energy efficiency with dependable performance. The amount of propane consumed during power outages can vary based on several factors, including the generator’s size, load demand, and runtime.

Propane use in 24 hours

Fuel consumption varies on the size of the generator and model chosen. Depending on their home’s size and typical energy usage, homeowners may opt for smaller or larger models to meet their requirements. Generac offers a range of generator sizes tailored to various needs. Smaller models — such as the Generac 7.5kw to 14kw generators — suit many households. Larger, but still common options include the Generac 18kw, 22kw, 24kw, and 26kw models.

On average, a common household-sized generator consumes 2 to 4 gallons of propane per hour. Propane consumption also largely depends on the generator’s output capacity and the extent of its utilization during the outage. Consulting with a Generac specialist is recommended for more precise estimations.

Tank sizes

The size of the generator unit dictates the size of the propane tank as it correlates with the generator’s capacity. For a whole-house Generac automatic standby unit, a 500-gallon propane tank is the standard recommendation. Expert consultation with a certified Generac installer can offer valuable insights into selecting the appropriate generator and propane tank size based on individual energy requirements and preferences.

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