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Automatic Whole House Backup Power Generators Means Energy Independence in Vero Beach

Living in Vero Beach, Florida, means you get to enjoy warm weather all year-long. However, that can come at a price. Severe storms and intense heat mean power outages are not uncommon. When outages happens, you don’t want to be left without electricity for too long. Not only can your home become hot and uncomfortable, but you also may experience food spoilage in your refrigerator and difficulty communicating with the outside world.

This is why having a whole-home generator can give you peace of mind and security. As the leading Generac dealer in Vero Beach, Canter Power Systems can provide a top-of-the-line option that will keep the lights on — no matter what happens outside your door.

We carry the largest selection of whole-house generators from the leading brand in the industry. Our close relationship with the brand means we know how to help you get the most out of a new backup generator for your home, as well. Our team of experienced technicians will do everything possible to deliver what you need.

Free Consultation

Contact us today for a no cost, no obligation consultation (virtual or in-home) with a Canter Power Systems specialist.

Whole-Home Generator Installation Made Simple

Choosing Canter Power Systems for Generac generator installation means you can expect 100% customer satisfaction in every respect. We start by providing a comprehensive consultation with our technicians, either in your home or via video chat. This is when we will help you select the Generac standby generator that will be the best fit for your home’s energy requirements. You’ll also receive a cost breakdown of the entire project, including all your available financing options.

After you make your final decision and sign your contract, we get right to work. Our team handles every aspect of the job, from the initial design to permitting to the first startup. In most cases, we can have a new generator installed and ready to go within 30 to 45 days of the first consultation. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated Customer Experience Coordinator to keep your project running smoothly and on-track.

Even after we complete the work, we continue to stand by your side. Our Canter Care Protection Plan gives you 24/7 monitoring and automatic maintenance to keep your unit in good working order, so it will always be there when you need it.

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The Canter Protection Prepares You for Anything

Canter Power backup generator owners in Vero Beach will tell you about the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will never have to suffer through an unexpected or prolonged power loss.

Thanks to your Canter Care Protection Plan’s 24/7 remote monitoring and automatic maintenance, you know that you are always ready for anything. You can plan ahead and stock up on food and supplies when it’s most convenient to you because you know that when the power goes out you will be comfortable and safe in your own home.

When the Power Goes Off, Your Life Can Go On SM

Securing Your Whole Home Generator

Installation day is an exciting time for our customers! When our crew arrives with their new Generac generator, they know that they will no longer need to worry about random or severe power outages. We just wish we could be there to see the smile on your face the first time your automatic backup generator for your home turns on.

The new Canter Power Systems Generator Installation Buyers Guide

Here’s How to Get Started with Your Whole Home Generator

1. Set up an appointment for your free estimate with our knowledgeable generator specialists. They are available for in-home or remote consultations. Your specialist will assess site conditions, provide clear project details and a materials list, and financing options. At the end, you’ll have everything you need to make a power-full decision.

2. On average, the cost for our white glove Generac generator installation and monitoring is $15,000 with the exception of double generators, service upgrades, or unusual circumstances. Your assigned specialist will help you find the perfect fit generator for you and your family. There are also financing options and payment plans available.

3. After signing the contract, the Canter team gets to work! Our check list includes over 100 items that we take care of for you, including permits, utility coordination, inspecting, and start-up. Everything is expertly handled to get your generator running in 45-60 days so that you can rest assured and be power full. Learn more about what to expect from Canter Power.

Contact Canter Power Systems NOW and avoid “roughing it” indoors.

Why Choose Canter Power Systems For Your Home Generator in Vero Beach, Florida?

It’s important to make the best choices when it comes to protecting your family and your home when bad weather strikes Vero Beach.

Here’s why Canter stands apart from the competition:

  • Recognized and awarded #1 Retail Installer of the Year for the entire U.S. by Generac (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
  • We’ve provided both commercial and residential electrical services in the Southeastern U.S. since 1948. That’s more than 70 years!
  • We offer customized home generator systems to fit your specific needs and budget

Will manage the entire process from start to finish:

  • FREE in-home estimate (contactless, if desired)
  • Match the appropriate standby generator system for your home
  • Coordinate entire home generator installation and connection
  • Perform installation with both electrical and gas connections, all required municipal permits and inspections, necessary testing, official start-up certification, and complete ongoing home generator support and service

We’re the largest automatic backup residential power generator installer and Generac dealer in the US for whole house generators.

Generac Power Pro Premier Dealer in the North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi service areas.

Exclusive automatic backup residential power generator installer for over 700 Home Depot stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, most of Florida and Texas, plus sells and services the states of Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Can customize a home generator system to fit your specific needs and budget.

Is the authorized automatic backup power generator provider and installer for the Piedmont Natural Gas.

From the moment you become a Canter Power Systems customer, the Peace of Mind Protection Plan guarantees you never have to worry about losing power again.