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Our growth is your opportunity.
Together we have installed over 15,000 automatic generators.
Due to the unprecedented demand for automatic whole house generators, we are expanding our partnership network of growth oriented, owner-operated electrical and gas contractors

Who we are

In 1948, the Canter family started a small electric company in Greensboro, NC built on superior customer service, quality workmanship and unshakable integrity.

Today, Canter Power Systems is still family owned and has grown to become the largest installer of automatic standby generators in the United States.

The largest residential generator installer since 2016.

Canter has built an extensive network of over 1,000 installer partners (IPs) to complete our installations throughout the US.

Benefits of partnering with us

There is a long list of benefits to partnering with Canter Power Systems, but we decided it would be best for you to hear for yourself from our existing Installation Partners (or IPs). The videos below provide brief reviews of each IPs experience with us and the impact the partnership has had on their business.

No Lead Cost
Once a contract is signed, we send the lead to our Installation Partners in the area. All you have to do is respond with your bid.

Remote Bidding
Submit a bid whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

No Collection of Payment
We take care of collecting payments and disbursing funds to our partners in as little as two days!

Scale at your Pace
You have the freedom to bid on as many jobs as your business can handle; we don’t set any minimum requirements.

We are currently meeting with electrical and gas contractors located or interested in
expanding into the following markets:


North Carolina






South Carolina



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January 31 - February 3