Preventative Care Tips

How can you help prevent costly repairs to your generator?

These recommended preventative care tips will help keep your generator system operate reliably when you need it most.

Col-Image-1Do not allow:

  • Grass clippings to accumulate on or around the generator system
  • Water sprinklers to saturate the generator on an ongoing basis
  • Pets to urinate on the generator enclosure
  • Animals or reptiles to make the generator unit their home
  • Plants or bushes to grow within 3 feet of the generator unit
  • Materials to block the air ventilation system or exhaust system in any way
  • Downspouts to drain directly at the generator unit
  • Place anything within 3 feet of the front of your transfer switch

Call us immediately if:

  • You see oil on the floor of your generator unit
  • You see corrosion around the battery terminals or around the battery
  • You do not hear your generator “exercise” during the regularly scheduled test period
  • Your generator system does not operate properly

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